Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Summer Crazyness

24th of July-
Ben and I usually get a team together every year for the 24th volleyball tournament. THis year we played with Brindi and Trey Platt and Adam and Sami Waite and Jaime. We had alot of fun. Every year Ben says that its his last year, and I always hope its not. Next year though, we might not be able to be home for it b/c well be living in Farmington then, so we'll see. I never get any pictures of us playing, but I did get a picture of our FAN CLUB! ;) Aren't they cute! Then comes the Ice cream Social. Addison could not be more excited for all the ice cream. She is such a fire ball! Im pretty sure Ben and I would be so bored without her around. NIkki and the Kids were here for the 24th and they went to the parade with us. Addison had crazy spray painted hair for it. Marianne does GIrls on the run and they were in the parade and spray painted thier hair so we did Addison and Lilas too.

The Heap Reunion- I took thursday and Friday off work determined to go to the reunion and stay in a tent with Addison. I was rainy, so i was really worried. Ben had to work so i went up with Addison and Mikayla helped me set up my tent. The first night went really well and Ben was going to come up the next evening, then it started pouring and I was worried about the ten getting wet inside so i decided to just drive home. I was pretty sad about it, i was looking forward to camping with Ben, but it was probably good I went home b/c I was able to help set up for blake and Amandas reeption.

Blake and Amandas Reception-

The reception went well. Mom did a great job planning everything. All the kids had such a good time dancing. Colby and Brisa were so cute! She said you put your finger on my head like this and ill spin haha!

Mesa Trip-
Ben and I made a trip to Mesa for Kacey and Rex Platt's sealing. I was so glad I was able to be there for it. Then we spent the rest of the time just hanging out with my mom. We went swimming at Mitches and Addison loved it. Maybe she is my kid after all. I have always loved the water and up until a few days before this trip Addison wanted nothing to do with water ever besides a bath. I was so glad she had fun. and it was much overdo to spend some good quality time with my mom. Ever since her aneurysm I feel like ive been given a second chance to make spending time with her a priority. Like a reminder that there isnt always going to be a tomorrow, do it today!

Why is it cute to show your crack when your little!

Mommy wears it on her eyes- I wear it on my eyes...Looks great kid! Every time i turn around this kid is getting into my mascara. At least shes smart enought to put it on her eyes.
Starting to like the Water YAY!

Jace got baptized. It was so fun to be there for jace. Miguel baptized him making it his first time. It was awesome.

Thats right ppl, My kid is CRAZY! Who knows where she even learns these things ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Happenings

WOW~ We have had a busy summer so far. We moved out of our house at the end of June so that our renters could move in and we have been living with bens parents ever since. Bens brother and his family live there also, so its been a full house. Sometimes crazy and overwhelming, but mostly alot of fun. For sure makes you appreciate your own space ;) We were able to refinish the basement at our house. we didnt quite get it done before our renters moved in, but its done now. Also in the last weekend of June I was able to go to the Sherwood reunion in Utah. I was so nervous about going. I went without Ben or Addison with my aunts and cousins. Im so glad I went, I had such a good time and was able to see many ppl that I havent seen in years. It would have been better if they could have met Ben and Addison though! Maybe next time. In July so far weve mostly done family stuff. We spent the first couple weeks at the house in all our spare time finishing the basement. Ben did such a good job it looks amazing. For the 4th of July, we just kinda hung around here. We went to the races at the park and Addison didnt really know what to do. . Then last weekend we went to Mesa for Blakes Wedding. This weekend is the 24th of July and next weekend is Blakes reception up here, so we have a busy month. It's been fun, but ill be glad when things settle down. Oh ya I forgot in June we had the Crosby reunion, and in July we had The Gray reunion. For the crosby reunion we went to a place outside of showlow and spent the day, it was fun. For the gray reunion we had breakfast at Uncle Arlands and then went out to Lyman to go canoeing. Much to my dismay Addison hates the water, so sad I love the water and I want her to love it too!
FARMINGTON- We were originally headed to farmington the end of August, but Ben decided to take the classes online and were going to head that way in January when his program starts. Im so excited to go and see what a new town has to offer. And I'm so excited for Ben to be pursuing a Career that he seems to really enjoy ;) Im so glad we have been given the opportunity to go and so thankful we have the means to do so! Well thats all for now. Im thinking I need to plan a vacation for our little family before we are tied down to school....HMMM Where to go? New Basement!4th of JulyBlakes WeddingCrosby ReunionSherwood ReunionGray Reunion

Monday, April 25, 2011


Happy Easter Everyone. The Easter Bunny found us despite my Thought that Addison really didnt need an easter basket. He brought Addison Playdough and Flip flops and Candy. After she found her basket the the easter bunny hid we colored eggs. Addison wanted to color herself too i guess because she drank some of the pink dye ;) Then we made a yummy breakfast and then headed to Roundvalley to meet adam and Sami Waite. We had a picnic in the mountains with them and thier kids. We had an Easter egg hunt there and Tylar helped Addison find eggs(thanks Tylar). We had so much fun and got a little too much sun. WE rode four wheelers and played baseball and did a little shooting. Ben handing me the pistol and i said what should i shoot? He said aim for that water bottle. but you wont get it, so i did and i blew it to pieces first try :) It was pretty overcast all day and a little windy, but mostly pretty good weather. we got lucky its been so windy lately. Addison rode the four wheeler with Payton and loved it. She also biffed it face first in the dirt. all in all we had a great time. Sunday Jaime and Boyd invited us over for Easter Dinner. It was so good. We made choc chip cookies and I let addison lick the beater. She was in heaven!